Hex Adventures

Hex Adventures

Hex Adventures was the first prototype for Valyrian Adventures. The game is made in Java for Android and mainly from the Noid Android engine. The project however stranded since I decided to make a multi-platform game instead. Hex Adventures is fully playable with singleplayer missions, online multiplayer mode, server in C++, working login system. Not to forget the ultra awesome OpenGLes 1.0 render engine ;)

The game itself is a basic/early version of Valyrian Adventures where you place dungeon tiles to navigate through a dungeon on a quest for monsters, events and treasure. The prototype graphics is a bit coder art but building a game is to build the features first then make it look pretty afterwards ;)

Some screenshots for HexAdventures:

The ground tiles are placed so that the open areas connect to eachother. The ground tiles are drawn randomly from the ground deck so no board is mapped out the same.

Select between different missions. The missions are located in different type of areas like caves, dungeons, castles, etc. The length varies, some are short for a fast game, while others are bigger.

Mission description. Here you can see the number of tiles in the deck, what items you are supposed to find in the dungeon etc.

Roll the dice to get events. The events can vary from meeting monsters you have to fight or swapping place with another player /font>

Play against other players online